Meet The Girl With The Blue Guitar

“Music has helped me through tough times and it has always been there for me.  I make music when I’m happy, when I’m sad, or sometimes when I’m inspired by everyday life.  I think this is what makes my songs relatable to people.  My goal is to create songs that reflect my feelings and this process has always been therapeutic for me.” 


Malinda Aiello is an Ottawa-born singer, songwriter and musician who lives to touch the hearts and souls of others through her music.  She started singing and playing guitar at a very young age.  The richness in her voice complements her ability to tell stories through her songs.  Malinda hopes to inspire others with her music and give to others what music has given to her.

She is influenced by a vast range of music from classic rock to indie pop to folk to country and beyond.  Her lyrics reflect on everyday life and her music helps transform them into memorable songs that listeners will want to play again and again.  Malinda is always accompanied on stage by her signature acoustic blue guitar, which is an essential part of her creative songwriting process.  

In 2015 and 2016, Malinda won the singer/songwriter award in the Ottawa Student Showcase competition. This earned her two professionally produced original recordings.  Later in 2016, Malinda took home first place in the Ottawa Battle of the Bands with her acoustic guitar set.  Her original music was so powerful, it moved both the audience and the judges to crown her a winner.

“The heart and soul create the lyrics.”